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Baskets aplenty in sporty new calendar

The French can do a few things well. Smoldering beefcake calendars appear to be one of those things. The French gay glossy Blake has debuted its "Basket League" calendar for 2009, a sporty-themed affair that strategically places a basketball in each photo with an otherwise nude model.

Oh, yeah. Each model is wearing a pair of sneakers, too. Excuse me for missing those the first two or 12 times I checked out the photos.

Paris-based photographer Jean Quelquejeu snapped the spreads for the calendar, continuing his desire to make his work "exude sensuality, even be erotic, but never descend to vulgarity." He reaches that with photos in the calendar of folks including fitness coach David Costa, who adorns the cover, and lean model Joe Bofunda, among others.

You can also download the calendar.

Hat tip to Rod 2.0.

Matt Hennie blogs on Atlanta's gay sports scene (and other stuff) at Project Q Atlanta.