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Double-Ds at the Kings game

Finally in Los Angeles after my five-year hiatus, I was excited by an offer from Dax, our hockey blogger, to join him for a Los Angeles Kings game last night. They played the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Kings were terrible. But even more memorable than missed shots and badly choreographed fights was what happened each TV timeout: Four scantily clad women skated onto the ice and scooped up ice shavings to clean the ice. I've been watching hockey at every level for 20 years, and I'd never seen anything like it. Cleaning the ice after every five minutes of play? Clearly a ploy to get some buxom women in front of all those straight guys in the audience; Even the dozen gay guys I was with noticed.

I'd love to know what this does to the bottom line of the Kings. Does it sell them more tickets? With all the porn on the internet, I doubt it. Does it win the Kings more games? I don't profess to know if any of the girls are sleeping with any of the guys. Does it sell more merchandise? I can't imagine 14-year-old girls are running out to buy Kings Girls outfits; Besides, few of them have the Double-D's it obviously takes to make the team.

Is this an L.A. thing? Have other NHL teams latched onto this silly display? And why do the guys on the squad get to wear pants and jackets? Yes, I know the answer: Because it makes straight guys squirm. But I want to see some abs!