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Going Bowling - Week 3

We all love our college football and will be sad to see it go. But it's the 3rd week of exhibition match ups and we've still got a couple of (lol) meaningful games to go, including the biggest one of all: The Gators National Championship Coronation Game. So, one more time... while Cyd is worrying about the integrity of the BCS, this is Kelvin's Krazy Kchoices!

-- International Bowl: UConn vs. Buffalo (ESPN, 12pm) - The advertising surrounding this game makes it sound like they're playing this in Monte Carlo or Rio or some place really exotic, alas, it's just a game in Skydome in The Center of the Universe (that's Toronto, for those of you not from Toronto). Two offense oriented teams should make for a fun match up, I'm giving the edge to Buffalo since a) this is pretty much a home game for them, b) having a 3000+ yard passer in Drew Willy and a 1300+ yard rusher in James Starks will trump the Huskies one-man-wrecking-crew name Donald Brown (1800+ yards and 17 TD's).

-- Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs. Texas (FOX, 8pm) - Poor Ohio State. Every year, a seemingly good team gets obliterated in a bowl because the other team is pissed... and Texas has a very good reason to be pissed. If it weren't for a tough loss to then-#6 Texas Tech, they'd be playing for the title. And a lot of people consider them to be the best team in the country, and it's hard to argue with Colt McCoy passing for about a mile a game and a stifling defense that allowed 14 points or less seven times. tOSU isn't going to lay down and die though, and true-freshman Terrelle Pryor is going to try to win this game by himself. But it will not be enough. This one may get ugly.

-- GMAC Bowl: Tulsa vs. Ball State (ESPN, 8pm) - Oh god, let's just end this season already. Ball State was the team that was the sporting blog universe's "this year's Boise State" until they randomly lost to Buffalo. They've got an absolutely ridiculous offense led by Nate Davis (and pay attention to that name, you're going to hear it alot in the 2010 NFL draft talk) and a pretty decent defense to boot. But Tulsa's offense is going to make you say wow. They average 565 yards per game(!) and score 47.4 points per game(!!). Tulsa QB David Johnson is like a mini-Brett Favre, he's passed for 43 touchdowns and had 18 INT's. But that's where the impressiveness ends.... their defense is suspect to say the least. They're one of the only teams in NCAA history to win a game by scoring 70 points and lose a game by allowing 70 points. And Johnson ended the regular season by allowing 5 picks to a decent, but not great East Carolina team. BSU should win this one handily, but they do not want to get into a shootout. It's anyone's game then.

-- National Championship: Florida vs. Oklahoma (FOX, 8pm) - And this is it. The Sooners fought and clawed their way to get in and curbstomped a good Mizzou team to get into this game. The Gators have averaged nearly 50 points in their nine game winning streak and have an absolutely deadly special teams unit. And frankly when you've got two teams as evenly matched as these two, special teams usally makes the difference and that's where UF should take this game over. OU has awful special teams coverage and UF has Brandon James. James makes (college) Ted Ginn look like a kid, he makes Devin Hester look terrible. He's going to crack off a couple of big ones against OU and give Tim Tebow the ability to circumcise the Sooners... whether they want to be or not.

Well that's it. Goodbye college football. Until next year when we can all debate the horridness and terroristic nature of the entity known as the BCS.