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Beer pints hurt your play

Grabbing a pint after a game is a time-honored tradition for many, from weekend warriors to professional athletes. No big surprise here that consuming alcohol before a game can impair your ability to play. But how about this new not remotely surprising conclusion from a Kiwi study: Drinking alcohol after your match can compromise your performance on the field for up to 60 hours. And we're not talking about getting drunk; This is just a few swigs.

Their strength was measured after 36 and 60 hours and compared with those who were given just fruit juice. Those who drank alcohol showed a marked loss in recovery. Study author Matt Barnes, of Massey University, New Zealand, said: "If you drink moderate levels of alcohol after you use your muscles strenuously you are impairing your ability to recover."

When I've been at sports tournaments, I have long passed up alcohol until the competition is over; I always feel so dehydrated after games, alcohol's the last thing I want to touch. Now with this, I'll be buying my opponents shots!