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Video: Dwight Howard sings Beyonce on line

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic sings Beyonce songs while getting ready to shoot free throws. Howard talked about his in-game song choices on ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption." (Video below the jump, the Beyonce talk starts at the 2:00 mark)

"Ya' all heard about that? Oh, that was supposed to be a secret!" Howard said. "Like when I'm at the free throw line I try to keep my mind off everything and I might just up there and start singing like ..."

(singing) 'I'm a single lady, I'm a single lady' ... And sometimes I might make it! It happens. I get up there and I might sing Beyonce. I don't know why, out of all the artists, I'm supposed to be like, (makes menacing noises), like Jay-Z, or Kanye or Lil Wayne, or someone towards those lines, but I'm singing Beyonce ... If I have to sing Beyonce to make a couple of free throws, I'm gonna keep doing it."

You go, girl! On my gay flag football team, I have an audible call with one of my receivers, where I call out "Beyonce" and he does a fly pattern. Howard would fit in perfectly.