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Is 100-0 running up the score?

There's a long-running debate on Outsports as to when "running up the score" is OK and when it's wrong. I think it's dependent on the level of play (in college sports dependent on polls and in the pros it's OK, in high school it's not). Others think it's never OK. Some think it's always OK. Now Dallas is abuzz this week after the Covenant girls basketball team beat Dallas Academy, 100-0, prompting the losing team to cancel its season and withdraw from the league.

Now the Covenant team feels terrible and wants to forfeit the game, which would hand Dallas Academy their first victory in four years. Why do they feel terrible, you may ask? For one, Dallas Academy is known for working with girls with learning disabilities. Yep. Covenant ran up the score against girls with learning disabilities. Second, it's been reported that Covenant had a full-court press on when they were up 98-0.
Covenant head coach Micah Grimes wrote after the game:

It just happened, and we are not happy about that. Please know Covenant intended no harm against them. I see this as a real learning opportunity, so we can prevent this from happening in the future.

If you're going to intentionally run up the score on some teenage girls, at least have the balls to admit what you did with a full-court press defense; Don't try to claim it just "happened." And good for Dallas Academy for pulling out of the league; That will make sure Covenant doesn't do it again.