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What were they thinking?

This past Sunday during the Eagles' latest NFC championship game debacle, an even worse abomination -- if you can believe that -- appeared on the TV screen: the sight of four famous athletes sticking their tongues out for money.

Yes, I'm referring to the ridiculous commercial featuring Peyton and Eli Manning vs. Venus and Serena Williams competing in something called the "Oreo Double Stuf Racing League." I'm not sure which of the following I find more bizarre:

  • The fact that they all seem to be wearing equipment such as elbow pads
  • The strange licking technique where, instead of moving their tongues against the cookie -- you know, licking -- their tongues are still while they rub the cookie up and down against the tongue, which I would think would take forever by comparison. Isn't the point of this to finish first?
  • The fact that neither Venus nor Serena speak in this particular ad (although Serena speaks in the "bonus" footage included in the clip embedded after the jump)
  • The way Oreo spells the word "stuff" with one "f"
  • The fact that I spent time analyzing how to lick an Oreo cookie


If this is an example of what we'll be subjected to during the Super Bowl, I may have to skip it this year. The game itself will probably be lackluster at best.