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Verdasco holds Murray from Grand Slam glory

Apparently, Fernando Verdasco wasn't listening to the pundits about town.

The Spaniard, who served bagels the other day, pulled off a huge upset at the Aussie Open today ousting top fave Andy Murray 2-6, 6-1, 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 in the fourth round. Nando was at his aggressive best balancing 50 errors with 51 winners, hitting, 74% success on first serve deliveries, and throwing down 10 aces. He'll face last year's finalist Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who defeated James Blake, for a spot in the semifinals.

The 25-year old was understandably excited to reach his first Grand Slam quarterfinal in Melbourne:

Yes, for sure. It was, like I said, I think the second day, for me it was one of the biggest goals for be in quarterfinals for first time in Grand Slam. And I was feeling with big confidence and pretty fit. So I was with confidence to be in quarterfinals for first time. And for sure right now I am so happy, no, to make this goal possible.

He also revealed he was given some "secret" advice from a certain tennis legend during his successful off-season training trip to Las Vegas where he worked with Gil Reyes:

...Agassi came to say hi to me, and I was speaking with him. I don't want to say what he told me, because that's secret (smiling). But really helped me so much. I was speaking with him two hours before he left for the mountains. He was leaving with Steffi to enjoy Christmas.

You know, he was going to ski. I love ski. I was there in the gym working hard, so I was a little bit jealous. But I was just thinking to be ready for the season and start good the year. You know, right now I'm so happy that I took that decision to go to Las Vegas and practice with Gil.

I will go again now. I will go back to Spain to see my family, and then I will go to Vegas for another two weeks to keep working hard there with him ‑ maybe Agassi also. Keep learning, keep improving for Dubai, Davis Cup and Indian Wells and Miami, to be ready.

And what of "Anando"? Why isn't the same success happening for ex-girlfriend Ana Ivanovic (who fell in the third round)??

Good question. You know, I don't know. I think you should ask Ana more than me about this.

I don't think that is my fault. This is what I think, you know. If you want to know something more, I think you should ask her, no? I don't like to speak about other persons.

No it's not all your fault - I mean, Ana's issues started way before you two began dating each other.

Anyway, congrats on the huge win and for proving Roger Federer + Novak Djokovic right this time.

Now my draw is f*cked - thanks.


Rich Rodriguez writes the tennis blog Down the Line!