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T.O. jumps the shark

A sign of the apocalypse? More proof that "reality" television continues its relentless assault and won't stop until every single brain in America is completely turned to mush? Or just a sign that his on-field career is fading and that eventually there will be no more quarterbacks to throw under the bus?

Those thoughts came to mind upon learning that VH1 will debut a reality show this summer starring Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver Terrell Owens.

VH1 announced Monday that the series takes place in the offseason, and T.O.'s best friends and publicists -- Monique Jackson and Kita Williams -- will help him re-examine his personal life. The two will work as "matchmakers and therapists" for Owens.

Yes, publicists make the best therapists, don't they? And what does it say about you when your publicists -- paid employees -- are your best friends? Poor T.O. -- increasingly irrelevant in a Larry Fitzgerald world.