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Cowboy player's rap rhymes 'Romo' with 'homo'

One more sign that the Dallas Cowboys are the most dysfunctional, screwed-up team in the NFL is this rap video from tight end Martellus Bennett. He drops f-bombs and other naughty words in verse that can only be described as deranged. And in rhyming something with quarterback Tony Romo, he came up with (you guessed it):

"Never been broke, I ain't never been a homo."

The video has been removed from YouTube since I first posted it. If it pops up somewhere else, we will post it. I did not do a transcript since it was so incomprehensible and would have been filled with f-this, the N-word and was too many ***.

Bennett now sort of regrets what he did:

"I shouldn't cuss that much," Bennett told Calvin Watkins of The Dallas Morning News. "I've been listening to [rapper] Too Short too much."

Hat tip to Black Sports Online via Pro Football Talk.