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A snoozer in Tampa?

Is it just me, or does this Super Bowl have all the makings of a snoozer? No disrespect to the two teams involved, but I can't remember a Super Bowl I had less interest in. For each of the last seven years, I feel we've been blessed with great storylines, heroes and villains headed into the big game. Players and teams to cheer for, players and teams to cheer against. But this year, nada. No one to hate, no one to love (unless you're a fan of the specific teams). And the game is going to be an ugly blowout.

People talk about how great parity in the NFL is, but this is the kind of matchup we get with parity. No Patriots, no Cowboys, no Colts, no Eagles. The Steelers have the history, but this team just feels like a JV squad to the great Steeler champions of the past. I'll be watching the game like millions of others, just with a lot less interest than any in the last seven years. And I'm sorry, but "The Cowher Assistant Bowl" just doesn't grab me.