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Florida beats inept Oklahoma in BCS title game

Yawn. I don't have a whole lot to say after watching Florida's boring-as-hell 24-14 BCS title win over Oklahoma. The game was poorly played, the play calls were often baffling and Fox looked like it had the Z Team covering it (the Fox announcers couldn't even get the down right in a crucial goal-line sequence). It was a game only a Gator fan could love. (Take our No. 1 poll after the jump).

I think we know that the Big XII was a fraud, with Texas and Oklahoma putting up gaudy offensive numbers simply because they played against garbage defenses. The Sooners clearly did not look like one of the two best teams in the country and had a season's worth of screwups in one game. Oklahoma has now lost five straight BCS bowl games and three for the BCS title, so the Sooners should join Ohio State as teams we don't want to see anytime on New Year's Day or beyond.

Of all the bowl teams I saw, USC was the best, followed by Utah, then Florida. That's how I would vote. Take our poll and tell us who you would vote as No. 1.