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Is holding hands 'hazing' in football?

What do high school football parents, players and administrators think of gay people? Exhibit No. 692 comes to us from Gateway High School in Aurora, Colo. It seems two players got into a little shoving match at practice recently. As penance, the coach made them run a lap holding hands. Cute, right? They weren't getting along and now they have to hold hands. Instead, it's being held up as humiliation and the school district is looking into it.

"It sucks because everybody could see us running around the field holding hands," said Merced [one of the players involved]. "It's really humiliating."

Merced's mother, Tasha Martinez, said the incident is a clear case of hazing.

"To use humiliation as a means of discipline, it's just unacceptable and I don't know why he would do something like that," said Martinez.

The coach reportedly has said it wasn't meant as humiliation but rather team-building. I believe the coach. Obviously, the worst thing this mother thinks you could call her football-playing son is "gay," and any reference to it is met with an attack from her. Now Merced says he won't play football at the school next year. Because you had to hold a teammate's hand? Are you serious?

I'm really sensitive about hazing, but I just don't see how this falls into that category.

Hat tip to Queer Two Cents.