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Famed Gaelic hurler comes out

Irish hurler Donal Og Cosack, one of the most goalkeepers in the history of the sport, has declared that he is gay in his new autobiography, Come What May. From the book:

I tried to go out with women to make sure, to see what kind of feeling it gave me.... I went out with nice women and good women, but sure, I still knew. I wanted something else. I get more out of men. I just do. Always have. I know I am different but just in this way. Whatever you may feel about me or who I am, I've always been at peace with it.

An observation that's always stuck with me is Blanche Devereaux's priceless line about the difference between having sex with a man or a woman: "A man has so much more to offer."

He also chronicles his father's reaction to his coming out, in particular. It wasn't good: Warnings of a rough life, chastisement and a hope that his son would get "fixed." Yikes.

One of the interesting tidbits to come from his declaration is this reaction from the Belfast Telegraph:

Yet in what may shock the sporting establishment, he admits to sleeping with both women and men before accepting his sexuality as a gay man....

Unless I'm reading this wrong, the Telegraph isn't shocked that he's gay, but that he slept with both men and women! Or maybe the shock comes from the fact that he actually slept with women and preferred sex with men. Having experienced both, I'm not shocked at all.

Check out the Wikipedia entry on hurling.

Hat tip to Towleroad.