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Why does Manny get to be Manny?

Lots of talk today about Manny Ramirez being in the showers as his Dodgers lost to the Phillies. Some are chastising him for leaving his teammates as they fought on the field. Some (including manager Joe Torre!) are dismissing it as "Manny being Manny."

Is everyone else as tired of that line as I am? "Manny being Manny" means he's being a raging jackass. It means he's not caring about his team, his teammates or how he behaves on the field. We don't let Terrell Owens off the hook when he's his self-absorbed self; We don't let Brett Favre off the hook (anymore) when he's doing the same thing. Why does Manny seem to get a pass for "being Manny"? When Dodgers fans are watching the World Series being played in Philadelphia, maybe he won't anymore.