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Sports Tweet: Clueless Coach

I am not the biggest fan of Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Stevens. When the Flyers fired Ken Hitchcock and replaced him with Stevens after a terrible start to the 2006-07 season, I thought it was a panic move. Although Stevens won a championship in the minors, and the Flyers had a fine 2007-08 playoff run, the team underachieved last season and shows signs of doing so again this year. (An example of a possible problem can be found in this item posted today on Yahoo! Sports.)

So for me it's another strike against him that Stevens, who is 43 years old -- four years younger than me, for crying out loud -- had this to say when the subject of Twitter came up at practice this week: "What is it?"

Seriously? Can anyone who isn't older or Amish or otherwise technologically challenged not know what Twitter is by now?