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NFL player Larry Johnson uses homophobic slurs

Larry Johnson's photo on his Twitter account.

Larry Johnson

Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has used three anti-gay slurs in the past 24 hours after he was confronted about using his Twitter account to rip his head coach Todd Haley.

When reporters entered the Chiefs locker room on Monday, Johnson said he was not answering any questions until Thursday. He then uttered this under his breath, according to radio station KCSP and Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star:

"Get your faggot asses out of here."

Last night, when Johnson got into a Twitter spat with a fan, he called the fan a "fag," according to Yahoo Sports, which monitored the exchange:

"think bout a clever diss then that wit ur fag pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u."

"Christopher street boy" is an obvious reference to gays for the Christopher Street gay pride parade in New York. The fan made mention of Johnson pleading guilty after allegedly spitting in the face of a female bar patron.

Johnson went off on Twitter (his account, once public, is now private) after the Chiefs (1-6) lost to San Diego, 37-7. He wrote that his father had more experience than first-year Chiefs head coach Todd Haley:

"My father played for the coach from "rememeber the titans". Our coach played golf. My father played for redskins briefley. Our coach. Nuthn"

Johnson has had numerous run-ins with the law:

Johnson has had four arrests for various degrees of battery since being drafted by the Chiefs in 2003. One charge was pled down, with Johnson serving time in a domestic violence diversion program. A second charge was dropped, while two other charges - including the aforementioned spitting incident - were reduced to disturbing the peace. Johnson received probation for a guilty plea in the latter two charges.

"Fag," "Faggot" and "Christopher street boy." The NFL (if not the Chiefs) must fine and suspend Larry Johnson or else it condones the use of such language by its players.

Update 2: The Chiefs suspended Johnson for two weeks.

Update 1: NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Pro Football Talk that the league is investigating what Johnson said. "We are in the process of getting the facts," he said.