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MTV wants athletes' coming out stories

MTV is looking for LGBT athletes who want to tell their coming out stories for its "True Life" show. Here is the pitch we received:

Are you planning to come out to your teammates? Have you been afraid or hesitant to come out to your sports team as gay, bisexual, or transsexual but are now planning to reveal yourself? Perhaps you've already come out to your friends and now have to face the upcoming season with teammates who still think you're straight? Or maybe you're unsure of how your fellow athletes would react if they knew, and thus have not come out to anyone?Whatever your situation may be, if you are planning to come out to your teammates and appear to be between the ages of 15 and 28, MTV wants to hear from you. Please email us at and be sure to include your name, location and phone number.

The age range is a bit odd since there are no 28-year-old athletes still playing in high school or college and I doubt that any pro jock would come out on MTV. I will be curious as to whether anyone will take them up on the offer.

Thanks to the indispensable Pat Griffin for the heads-up on this.