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No full-body waxing for Jake Locker

Jake Locker

Jake Locker

University of Washington quarterback Jake Locker is a 6-3, 225-pound physical specimen with a great personality who makes everyone swoon. There is so much obsession about Locker in Seattle that it prompted the Seattle Weekly to investigate a rumor.

The Daily Weekly made a visit to Montlake this morning to follow-up on a rumor: That University of Washington starting quarterback and all-around B.M.O.C. Jake Locker is a regular at a local body-waxing hot-spot.

The Weekly reporter was too much of a wuss to ask Locker outright whether he waxed, so it was asked in an oblique way.

Asking Locker if he thought it acceptable for a man to get the ol' rip-and-run, rather than if he himself had ever had it done. Locker's response: "I would never."

I still have yet to see a shirtless Locker shot, so I guess we'll just have to take his word for it.