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Rutgers gay-sports panel discussion

Rutgers University hosted a gays-in-sports panel discussion last week. The event was put together in part by Sean Smith (right), whom Outsports introduced a couple years ago. He's a former swimmer and swim coach at Rutgers.

One of the interesting observations came from Matthew Pletcher, an assistant wrestling coach at the University, a former wrestler and heterosexual, who apparently said that homosexuality is common in wrestling. "The fact is that it does exist - in my sport and in all sports," he said.

Also of interest was the reporter's observation that very few students were in attendance. I've come to realize you just can't affect students with panel discussions. Unless you get someone who will attract people who don't already agree with you (like a big-time NFL player) to talk, or have it be mandated for athletes, the students you need to reach just aren't going to show up.