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Can Larry Johnson come back?

Larry Johnson's photo on his Twitter account.

Larry Johnson

The Washington Post's NFL blog, The League, has a panel discussion up as to whether ex-Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson (he of the "faggot" slurs) can hook up with another team. I was invited to share my views and we all pretty much agree on this: If teams think LJ can still play, they will sign him, regardless of his past. An excerpt from what I wrote:

While I would like to think that Johnson's use of three homophobic terms did him in, the real numbers that got him cut were 29 and 2.7; as in his age and his yards per carry this season. Johnson turns 30 on Nov. 19 and there are very few NFL running backs who thrive when they hit that age.

Johnson has yet to sign, though his agent says there are teams interested. We'll see.