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This year's Out 100 is sports-less

The latest Out 100 has been released, and the glaring omission this year (there's always at least one) is the complete lack of sports figures in the list. The most glaring of all those possible names is Brian Sims, who came out on Outsports earlier this year and who has since become a valuable advocate, speaking at various college athletic departments. He's certainly done more for the good of gay people than half of the people on the list. But I digress....

Since Out magazine likes to sexualize sports, there's no shortage of cute sporty double entendres. For example, two guys are labeled "The Jocks." One, Scott Evans, does play in the New York Gay Football League and is as big a Patriots fan as I am. So that's something. Their "Most Valuable Players" are a couple peeps in advertising and marketing...playing softball (kinda) in the photo. Grey Gardens writer/director Mike Sucsy used to play flag football with the gay group that Jim runs here in L.A. So it's not completely devoid of true sports. But pretty much.

Truly my favorite is the "Head Coach" of the 100 is Desperate Housewives creator and former Golden Girls writer Marc Cherry. I've become friendly with Marc since moving back to L.A., and we often end up at the same game nights (often hosted by Marc, but always hosted by Cal Iseminger; If you live in L.A., book him to host your next party, he's amazing!). The last one was about a week ago and for the "celebrity" portion, Marc and I ended up on the same team. He chastised me for not knowing who the star of Gypsy was (Ethel Merman). But when it came to sports, Marc wasn't quite sure who the New England Patriots' quarterback was. So we're even, but it's funny that Out decided to make a sports reference for him. He is a wonderful guy and very deserving of the honor. (By the way, the guy in the red singlet is actor Tuc Watkins, a friend of Marc).