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Former Stade coach slings recruiting accusations

Former Stade Francais coach Ewen McKenzie isn't happy about being let go, and he's taking it to the team management. Specifically, McKenzie says club president Max Guazzini focuses his recruiting efforts not on athleticism but on good looks.

He has a marketing outlook which is not always in the best interests of sport. For example, Max could recruit one player over another just because he has a better look for the calendar. I had players in my squad who I never chose. Others were requested to leave the club because they didn't want to pose for the calendar any more.

One thing's for sure: They didn't hire McKenzie (left, in picture) based on the calendar!!

Seriously, it's gotta be a little disconcerting for fans to hear this from a former coach. But from a business perspective, those calendars have expanded the team's fan base a hundred times. Not a bad business investment.

Hat tip to VGLMen.