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Three hot Olympic speed skaters

The Winter Olympics are just a couple months away, and we're already seeing various groups using the up-and-coming faces of the Olympics in commercials. Three speedskaters grabbed my attention this past weekend.

First up was Chad Hedrick (right), who caught our eyes in 2006. Great smile, great hair. In Torino he won a gold, silver and bronze. He's got an official site, featuring some really great photos.Brent Aussprung is next up. He's a 21-year-old from Madison, Wisc. He says one of his favorite TV shows is Happy Days, which had been off the air for four years when he was born. Brent's got an official site, also with photos.

But my nominee for breakout hottie is Jeff Simon. If the guy can get a Web site, that is. He's got crazy cheekbones and a jaw for days. Not much on the Internet about him. If you can dig anything up, particularly any other photos, please do share...