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Michael Irvin booted from DWTS

It was the end of the road for Michael Irvin's Dancing With The Stars run Tuesday night. He was never the best dancer, but he was one of the fan favorites from the first night. Unfortunately, this was his best week of dancing (video after the jump). To get kicked off the show after his best week is tough.

I was shocked when his name was announced, because it seems pretty impossible that he had the fewest points of the night. So shocked I'm assuming it didn't actually happen. Michael had 47 points (12.9% of the total) from the judges and Mark Dacascos had 43 (11.8%). For Mark to not be at the bottom, he had to beat Michael's popular vote by at least 1.1%. DialIdol had Michael beating Mark by a considerable margin. In fact, they said that Michael being the bottom vote-getter wasn't even possible. Were they that far off? I doubt it.

Even worse was Aaron Carter being in the bottom three. He also had to lose to Mya in the popular vote by at least 1.1% to drop below her; Yet DialIdol had him with a HUGE margin over her. I just don't buy it.

Still, Michael isn't upset to be gone. The rigor of the show had been hard on him. He was flying between Dallas and Los Angeles, appearing on NFL Network every Sunday, doing his daily three-hour radio show...and it was tough. He's sad to be gone but happy to be back with his family and back to his normal. life.

With Michael's ousting, there are now no pro athletes left on the show.