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NBA players Tweeting "No Homo" term

I had no idea what the term "pause" meant, other than when I pressed the little button on my ipod. But thanks to a college student who emailed us this week, I now know it means "No Homo." It doesn't get me riled up, but it's still interesting. The student had written us because he's noticed various NBA players using the term in their Twitter feeds. One of them is New York Knick forward Wilson Chandler (confirmed to be Chandler via the Knicks' official Twitter feed). And you get the full meaning of the term in context. From Chandler's Twitter feed:

Watchin South Central classic ish... My Yankees went down (pause) but we'll bounce right back!

Miami weather is ridiculous... Better enjoy this while I can (pause) about to go to my bro's crib and chill up for a while

Congrads 2 the Yankees! Another win, pulled out at the end (pause)

Thanks 4 the updates! Man I needed the Dodgers 2 lose, well at least the Yankees doing their thing! I might check them boys out tom, pause!

Another is fellow New York Knick Nate Robinson:

At star dinner, get n my 2scramble eggs grits sausage patties pause and grilled cheese sandwich its crazy word aaappp

Man I'm sit n n my jeep listen n too one of the best R&B songs tyrese(give love a try) classic pause ! Word aapp

Now what am I suppose to do when I want n my world but how can I want u 4 myself when I'm allready someone's girl(pause)

It's tough for me to get too excited about this term. "No homo" didn't upset me, and this colloquial term meaning "No homo"...I'm just not offended or upset about it. To me, the term means, "Hey I'm not gay." It doesn't mean, "I hate gays." Does it? Am I missing something here?

BTW, anyone know what aapp and aaappp mean?

Interestingly, Chandler's Twitter feed has been taken down. I'm not sure why, but it's an interesting coincidence that it got taken down after all these "pause" posts.