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Kornheiser and a hair-pulling Lambert

Univ. of New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert has become the posterchild for mean-spirited, unsportsmanlike conduct following a series of onfield incidents aginst BYU in which she pulled opponents' hair, kicked them and tackled them (video after the jump). All with video cameras watching. Not smart. She's been suspended; No "soccer flop" was needed here.

The PTI guys talked about it Friday, and the annoying Tony Kornheiser added this little gem:

I'll also say she's tougher than Adam Lambert, and she wears less eyeliner.

Kornheiser tries to crack a joke about every 30 seconds, and most of the time it's of the roll-your-eyes type. Some are upset because they see it as Kornheiser saying gays are weaker than girls. He's got a cover, because Elizabeth and Adam share the last name and it's the kind of stupid humor he's known for. But if her last name was Willis, would he really say, "She's tougher than Bruce?" Maybe, but I doubt it. Nothing to march on Bristol over, but another example of how annoying Kornheiser is.