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The state of Twitter

Since Twitter jumped onto the scene, people have been wondering when the end of Twitter will begin. It seems it finally has. Quantcast is a respected service that measures traffic on Web sites. Some sites are measured directly (via coding placed on the site) while others are measured indirectly (no coding, only estimates). Twitter is in the latter group, but no matter how you slice it the site's traffic (graph to the right) is dropping quickly and has been since the summer.

So while athletes seemingly flock to Twitter to post their rantings, it seems their fans are not. That won't stop us from continuing with our Outsports Twitter feed. Some of the other Twitter accounts you may be interested in: John Amaechi, Dave Pallone, Dan Woog. Plus, some Outsports contributors and members have Twitter feeds too: Joe In Philly, Canmark, Matt Hennie...feel free to share a link to your Twitter feed in the comments section!