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What if Tiger Woods cheated with a man?

With all the talk about Tiger Woods' indiscretions over the last couple weeks, several people have asked me what I think would happen if one (or all) of the people he cheated on his wife with were men. It would be such a completely different story, I'm not quite sure.

It's a legit question. Our first openly gay active athlete very well may be a married man caught red-handed or outed by a lover. With all the pressure in sports to conform to the straight norm, there must be dozens of gay athletes cheating on their wives with guys. That story will come out at some point.

My guess is, he'd be given a lot more leeway by the media; Instead of a horndog, he'd be a gay man trapped in the life of a straight man. Some would probably distance themselves more, but my guess is he'd be embraced by many more.

What do you think? What would be the reaction be if Tiger was on the Down Low instead of just having sex with more women?