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Sports Tweet: Jay Feely on Chris Henry

The subject of today's Twitter lesson: when to keep your mouth shut.

New York Jets' kicker Jay Feely describes himself, on his Twitter page, as "Christian, with political aspirations." In a profile for the online Sporting News Today, the number one item on his Bucket List: "Be elected president." None of this stopped him from the following tweets about Chris Henry, the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver who died today, a day after falling out of the back of a pickup truck in Charlotte:

Chris Henry seemed to have turned his life around. But, you can't live on the brink of destruction without inevitably falling off the ledge

Bengals owner Mike Brown on Chris Henry "man who worked hard to better himself." too often, bad choices catches up when u turn for good

younger generation needs to learn the lesson that our choices have implications and those implications often entail negative consequences

Henry, who was away from the Bengals because of a season-ending broken left forearm, was arrested five times since entering the NFL in 2005. The fifth arrest, after the 2007 season, led the judge in the case to call him "a one-man crime wave" and led the Bengals to cut him. But Brown gave Henry a second chance, re-signing him before the 2008 season. Henry stayed out of trouble since. As teammate Chad Ochocinco said, "He was doing everything right."

Details about what happened yesterday are still sketchy, but from what has been reported thus far there's no reason to believe there was any criminal activity. The authorities have described it as a domestic dispute with his fiancée. Jay Feely's pompous judgments are way out of line, especially coming on the very day Chris Henry died.

He later posted: "Maybe I did a poor job of expressing my sympathy while trying to look at the bigger picture of why this happened and how to avoid in future." Yeah, you think?

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