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It Takes a Team coming to a close

The economic recession has claimed a new victim. For the last few years, the Women's Sports Foundation has funded the It Takes A Team project run by gay-sports pioneer Pat Griffin. The project has worked at various levels of sport, making inroads at the NCAA, various colleges and high schools. Unfortunately, the project will end at the end of January.

Pat wrote to us and said she'll be spending the coming months searching for her next avenue to impact sports.

I have a boundless commitment and passion for addressing LGBT issues in sport and will take some time to figure out how to best move forward with this work. I am not ready to "hang up the spikes" yet and will take some time to decide how to get back in the game.

We hope Pat finds that next big gig soon; She's too effective to not have her pedal to the metal at all times. And I certainly appreciate the Women's Sports Foundation for having committed to this great project! Here's hoping they can find the resources to continue pushing for equality in the world of sports.