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MTV's latest gay/bi "jock" Mike Manning

MTV's The Real World takes a handful of twentysomethings and gives them a platform, and these kids believe what they have to say deserves to be heard by everybody. The latest example is Mike Manning, the resident gay/bi jock/eye-candy on air now in the show's season 374, shot in D.C. Mike's a tough guy who happens to "like guys"... and girls. Kinda. And he's got plenty to say. One little genius piece of insight from Mike:

I really don't cry. I just don't see the point.

Huh? The point of crying? How about a very natural response to emotion? I can't imagine Mike is saying that he doesn't feel emotion, so I guess he's saying he simply represses the expression of that emotion. Gotta keep up that big, macho jock image, especially since he likes guys.

Then there's some deep self-analysis by Mike. He says the one thing that he is best-defined as a bunch of contradictions...

He likes his steak rare but his hamburger well-done.
He likes snowboarding but he wants to live on the beach one day.
He does keg stands but he has a high GPA.
He's a problem solver but he has no problem fighting.

Ooooh, gosh. What contradictions! He's smart but he likes to drink alcohol? Wow, I don't know ANY smart people who like alcohol! He likes snow and the beach? Geez, that's such a leap! I've never heard of a surfer who also snowboards. Get this guy a talk show!

Mike's apparently returning to D.C. to pursue a career in politics. He also thinks he's a college lecturer on issues of health, the environment and equal rights. Lol!

Ugh. Wake me up when the whole "gay community loves Real World 374" has come and gone.

You can watch Mike take his shirt off and espouse his insights on the universe on MTV now.