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Hulk Hogan: TNA going head-to-head with WWE

Our friends at TNA wrestling have set their sites on surpassing the WWE as the world's biggest wrestling brand, and we're going to get our first showdown on Monday, Jan. 4. Hulk Hogan, who is now part of TNA, announced Saturday night that TNA is going up against WWE's Monday Night Raw. And while he was cagey when asked if he's going to step into the ring, his presence at the event will be a big draw. Either way, TNA is advertising matches that night with Kurt Angle and Sting, both with strong followings. We hope TNA can pull off the upset!

Wrestling fans everywhere are mourning the death of popular wrestler Umaga, who died of a heart attack over the weekend at the age of 36. I hope all those kids thinking about steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs read that over and over: Dead of a heart attack at 36. We don't know if his heart attack was because of past steroid use, but we do know the premature death of other athletes and wrestlers have been due to the drug use. Kids, it's just not worth the risk.