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Phillies, Rays won't repeat

At least that's what the folks at Baseball Prospectus predict in their preseason baseball rankings. BP is a well-respected source for baseball lovers, which nailed Tampa's rise last season by picking them to win 90+ games. Among the BP editors is stats genius (and total cutie) Nate Silver, whose brilliant political website was scary-good in predicting last year's presidential race.

BP sees the Rays winning 92 games but missing the playoffs behind Boston (98 predicted wins), the Yankees (97) and division winners Cleveland and Oakland. In the National League, BP has the Cubs, Mets and Diamondbacks winning their divisions, with Atlanta and Philadelphia tying for the wild card. Technically, my headline is misleading since if the Phils win the wild card they can repeat as champions.

Spring training hasn't started yet, but it's never too early to make your picks. Do you agree with BP?