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Student wants input on gays in sports

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Outsports gets many requests from students and researchers delving into the subject of gays in sports. Out site has been of great value in hooking these researchers up with gay athletes, in and out of the closet. A student just posted a request on our Discussion Board after discovering Outsports through our book at his school's library.

He already received one interesting response from a former collegiate baseball player who says he is in a Major League spring training camp.

... Now, as for my experiences in professional baseball which are brief to this point. I played some rookie league ball for the last half of the season in 2008 and am in ST now. Professional ball players I think at the major leagues would likely still have a big problem with a gay teammate but I dont think its as bad as it used to be. A lot of guys just say to each his own pretty much, plus a lot of the younger guys just dont really seem to care. I do think as the game at the big leagues gets younger the overall attitude may change but you are also always going to have guys that have never been exposed to a gay guy that will have huge problems with it... and guys from the South likely too. Going to school in the South (HS in the midwest) you learn that religion is a big part of a lot of dude's lives and that has an aspect of not accepting gays as well.

As with any anonymous post we can't verify this person's identity or his story. However, many closeted jocks (whom we later verified) have posted on our boards over the years and what this player writes rings true to what we they have written.

We would love for people to post their own thoughts on the Discussion Board (registration required for new members) or in the comments here. Please be specific and stay on topic.