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NFL's Dhani Jones tackles other sports

Dhani Jones is often referred to in the media as a Renaissance man, in part because of his love of bow ties, which he turned into a business venture. The biggest impression he made on the field as an Eagles linebacker from 2004-2006 was with his "air guitar" celebration every time he made a play. Unfortunately, those plays weren't significant or frequent enough. A classic radio bit by local comedian Joe Conklin featured Andy Reid as a mall Santa at Christmas handing out gifts. My favorite: "Here's a Dhani Jones air guitar -- it plays everything but defense."

So perhaps it's a good idea for Jones, currently with the Cincinnati Bengals, to branch out into other sports. The Travel Channel debuts a new series on March 16, Dhani Tackles the Globe, in which he visits a number of countries and tries his hand at popular local sports. The website lists a number of activities, including rugby in England and a Surf Lifeguard Competition in Australia. Here's a preview of the Muay Thai boxing episode from Thailand, featuring a shirtless Jones, along with some eye candy of the still-photo variety.