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Ruggers strip to show their inner gears

Yet still another in a growing line of rugby players to strip down for the cameras, some of the Six Nations stars have taken it all off for a Powerade promotional campaign that is supposed to stress the "inner gear" that athletes need to excel. Funny that they'd decide to almost show the outer gears to get the message across. The photos are now plastered in hundreds of locations around England. And apparently some of the guys in the campaign are getting teased about it in the locker room. But at least England captain Steve Borthwick, one of the guys in the campaign, was happy to do it:

Alan's images are fantastic and they really capture the essence of what we do every day. It is one of the most daring shoots I've been involved in but it has been loads of fun, even if it has given my team mates plenty of ammunition for changing room banter.

Only those guys in the locker room really know how much ammunition they have.

The BBC has four of the shots here.