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Justin Fargas likes second-hand pot smoke?

Is there some rule that says you have to be mentally damaged to be an elite athlete? Yeah yeah, I know: Most elite athletes are smart enough not to get caught, but these fools who let themselves be recorded or photographed having sex, doing drugs and the like: Not smart at all. The latest is Oakland Raiders running back Justin Fargas. In Fargas' defense, he isn't doing anything illegal in the video. But when he has some fool coming up at him holding a giant (and I mean Jim Thome-sized) marijuana cigarette, talking about how much Fargas likes second-hand smoke and waving a video camera in his face, you'd think Fargas would a) deny it, b) get da hell out, or c) take said camera and throw it over the side of the building. Nope (Fargas appears at 1:36):

I'm not going to argue whether these things are OK or not. There is certainly debate whether pot should or should not be legalized. Should it be a "big deal"? I don't know. But the fact of the matter is, pot is illegal and people make it a big deal when you're caught around it. So athletes, stop being caught around it!

Hat tip to ProFootballTalk.