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SI: A-Rod A Roider

Michael Phelps became the absolute happiest athelete on Earth yesterday when reported that Alex Rodriguez allegedly tested positive for the steroid Primobolan in 2003 when he was a member of the Texas Rangers and also the year he won his first MVP award. Rodriguez had until now been relatively clean of steroid accusations (except a scarily accurate Jose Canseco) and had in some minds become the great hope for taking baseball out of the so-called "Steroid Era".

So the question now becomes not whether not he's still on the gas or if he's got any sort of justification for it (I.e. nagging injuries), but it's who can fall over themselves fast enough to demonize and belittle the achievements of what, to this point, has been one of the greatest baseball careers of all time:

  • ESPN has about 27 columns stating that baseball is once again ruined forever by these allegations.
  • A-Rod's hometown paper, the Miami Herald, joined in on the fun making it seem that Alex's indiscretion is a betrayal of us all.
  • But of course no one can turn on you like the New York media... Bill Madden of the New York Daily News says A-Rod's Hall of Fame chances are finished (Personally, I think he's still a first ballot choice.)
  • And Joel Sherman of the New York Post seems to think that the Yankees were stupid to not get rid of "A-Fraud" when they had a chance (nevermind the fact that he won 2 MVP's while in pinstripes AND that he's still easily among the top players in the game).
  • And of course, when no one asks or really cares about an opinion, who better than Curt Schilling to give one.

So welcome to the 2009 season. Pitchers and catchers report on the 14th!