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Howie Long is giving me a headache

Like me, lots of people are cringing every time they see the commercials Howie Long has cut for Chevrolet. There is so much wrong with these commercials, I will personally never buy a Chevy the rest of my days. The idea that you have to do certain things and be a certain way to be a real man; How can it be that we are still dealing with this nonsense from elite athletes? Like you have to burn lots of gas to be a man, or you have to risk injury to be a man. I guess when you make crappy cars and trucks, you have to cling to yesterday, and that's exactly what Chevy is doing with this athlete from yesteryear.

I'm left wondering, just how homophobic is Howie Long? Not is he homophobic, but how homophobic is he? That's what these commercials do to me. Because, of course, you can't be gay (i.e., get a manicure) and be a real man. I guess that's the image Long wants to put forward. And if it's not how the thinks, I guess he can always blame his agent.

Now settle down. I'm not ready to lead a million-gay march on Fox Studios for this. It just churns my stomach every time I see the commercials, and I can't help it.

Video after the jump.