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A-Rod story gets a new wrinkle

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So yeah, every sports channel you turn on now will probably have some talking head screaming at the top of his or her lungs at how much of a heel Alex Rodriguez is for allegedly testing positive for steroids. But one item that's not being talked about that much is that the author of the story on just announced she has a book coming out in May. What's the subject? You guessed it: Alex Rodriguez.

Bob's Blitz is reporting a rumor that the book may question the Yankees slugger's sexuality and the role steroids play in his struggles. The blog makes specific mention of a quote from a stripper from an old NY Daily News article:

A petite stripper at the Hustler Club said A-Rod "likes the she-male, muscular type. They brought me up to the champagne room one time. I spun around once and that was it. I'm not his type."

A-Rod possibly being gay? Well, that certainly makes things a little more interesting. And just how interesting to see that Sports Illustrated just HAPPENED to announce the author's new A-Rod book right after they publish the article.

Coincidence? Oh, sure.