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Video evidence the refs cheat for Duke

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Count me among the many who feel the referees cheat to help Duke basketball win games. It all stems from the 1991 NCAA basketball semifinal between Duke and UNLV in which UNLV got called for everything and Duke got away with everything. The talk will surely heat up again as the Blue Devils head to the NCAA tournament, and fuel is certainly added to the fire by a couple videos from this season that show Duke players taking as many as 12 steps without dribbling and not being called for travel. Not even Michael Jordan got away with 12 steps! Then again, he went to North Carolina.

Video Evidence No. 1:

Video Evidence No. 2. The refs actually call the other team for a foul!!

What the refs do really well over and over again with Duke is give them the call when it matters most. Sure, you can point to times when Duke got bad calls. Halfway through the first half. When they're winning by 25. But when the game is close and it's the final 10 minutes, the refs work their magic. It's sad, but the video evidence is indisputable.

I just wish they cheated for Stanford the same way. Where's the love, zebras? Where's the love?