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Straight guys play annual 'Gay Bowl'! Lol! :-P

Nothing to organize protests over, but still showing of what so many straight guys think of gays. The Gay Bowl is an annual event held every Columbus Day Weekend and features 20 gay flag football teams from across the country. The Gay Bowl is also, apparently, an annual football game held every Thanksgiving in Eureka, Calif., between teams of straight guys dressed in pink and yellow. From their Facebook group:

This Thanksgiving break will be the third anual [sic] gay bowl. The bowl game is a dangerous battle of homosexual outfits and skin tight clothing. Team pink will try to avenge themselvs [sic] for the heartbreaking loss they suffered to team Yellow is [sic] last years [sic] battle. Little and tight clothing is highly encouraged and be prepared to pretty much just goof off and have fun. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Ha ha! Isn't that funny? 'Straight' guys dressing up in gay colors and playing football? Wearing "little and tight clothing?" OMG, Lol! What a great sense of humor these guys have, and how original!

Why straight guys feel the need to toss around the term "gay" all the time is beyond my understanding of human psychology.