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Teacher fired after field trip to gay strip bar

A what-were-they-thinking? story from Ohio:

A Butler County teacher has resigned after she admitted to taking a group of four female students [who are also cheerleaders] to a gay bar in Dayton. Lori Epperson worked for Butler Tech and taught Marketing at Edgewood High School.

She took the girls, who are all seniors, to Club Masque in Dayton. Club Masque is 18 and over gay bar featuring drag shows, where men dress up as woman and perform. Three of the girls are 18, one is 17. Parents who spoke with Local 12 are outraged over the incident.

One of the girls was Epperson's daughter, and the three other girls got permission slips from their parents to attend -- They're pretty open-minded in Butler County! The bar is also in trouble for serving alcohol to minors.

Hat tip to Deadspin, which featured this great comment: "Truthfully, in a room full of gay men and high school girls, not much is gonna happen."