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Soccer player farts, gets a yellow card

A player for an English soccer team was given a penalty yellow card by a referee after farting during a penalty kick.

The Chorlton Villa player got a yellow card for the noise which was classed as "unsporting behavior." The team, who conceded a goal on the second take, went on to win the match 6-4 against International Manchester FC at Turn Moss in Stretford, Manchester.

The Chorlton Villa coach, Ian Treadwell, said no one but the referee heard the noise, adding, "The other player had the penalty saved because it was a bad penalty; it was nothing to do with any noise. They were as shocked as we were as to why." He added that the player, who was not named in news accounts, was not a "dirty player." (just stinky).

I've heard of refs being anal, but this is ridiculous.

Hat tip to Deadspin.