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Sports Tweet(s) of the Week: Boldin's blabby ex-agent

Some people don't quite get Twitter. Okay, I don't really get it myself, even though I dabble in it. But I digress. The idea behind it is to give your friends, family, and anyone else who cares to follow you brief updates (on your life, your interests, or whatever you want to promote). The emphasis is on the word brief -- hence, the 140-character limit.

If you want to issue a press release or if you just like to run your mouth, Twitter isn't the place for you. This brings us to sports agent Drew "Next Question!" Rosenhaus and this week's Sports Tweet of the Week...using the word "tweet" loosely. One of his clients, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin, has been unhappy with his contract for quite a while now. Boldin's been trying to either get a Larry Fitzgerald-level salary from the Cardinals or get traded to a team willing to make such a renegotiation. The Cardinals have continued to refuse both options. This led to Boldin's firing of Rosenhaus last week. Drew's response, as discussed on, came through Twitter:

We are pleased to announce that we re-signed Jeremy Shockey. Regarding Anquan Boldin, I have great respect for him. I'm hopeful..

Wait, what does Shockey have to do with it? And where's the rest of the message? Ohhh, here we are...the entire message consisted of five separate tweets, all posted in a five-minute span on Tuesday. Here are the other four:

that we can work things out and he will return to the Rosenhaus Sports family in the near future. We are proud to continue to represent..

his brother D.J. Boldin. We would also like to announce that we have signed Will Allen to a 2 yr extension with the Dolphins worth $16.2

million over the next three seasons.

Will's deal includes $10 million in guarantees.

So Rosenhaus is trying to make himself look good by talking about his happy (for now, at least) clients and trying to foster some family drama by mentioning that D.J. Boldin isn't following in Anquan's footsteps. Above all, he doesn't understand the Twitter concept. By the way, those last two tweets could have been combined into one, Drew.