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'Pop Star On Ice' a June 11 must-see in NYC

For those of you in New York City tomorrow night (June 11), do yourself a favor and go to NewFest's closing night film, Pop Star On Ice. It's a documentary about Johnny Weir and it goes way behind the scenes of one of the most flamboyant characters in sports today. The film runs a range of emtions and you get to see not only the insanity of a pop-culture diva, but also the psyche of a world-class athlete struggling to make it to the top. And through it all, you'll laugh a lot. Plus, rumor has it that Johnny Weir himself will be there.

Pop Star On Ice
Thursday, June 11, 8pm
SVA Theater 1, 333 W. 23rd Street

You can read my earlier review of the film here. Outsports is a community partner of NewFest.