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ESPN the Mag planning all-nude issue

After we posted the item about the naked French pole vaulter, I kvetched that American athletes are mostly afraid of posing nude, and when they do it's usually women. Well ESPN, of all entities, may be to the rescue. ESPN The Magazine is reportedly planning an October 2009 "Body Issue." The magazine editor-in-chief Gary Belsky told USA Today:

If we can do this issue, and I don't know if we can, it would be no clothes, but not all nude, if that makes any sense. Nor would we want to. It's going to be kick-ass regardless.

Belsky said reaction from athletes has been enthusiastic. It's certainly raising the bar on SI's Swimsuit Issue. One question we have is whether the men who pose nude will have women around them, just to make it clear that it's all just for straight dudes and chicks. Still, if they can get Jeremy Bloom to take off all his clothes, they can surround him with whomever they want.

What athletes would you most like to see in the issue?