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Artie Lange takes over Joe Buck's show

Updated June 15, 6pmPT.

Joe Buck and HBO are apologizing today for Artie Lange's appearance on Buck's debut show. Lange had a barrage for Buck that the host had absolutely no idea what to do with. It was great. At one point Lange asked Buck if "" was his second favorite Web site. He dove into Michael Irvin, who was also a guest on the show. And at one point he talked about being a homophobe:

I'm also a well-known homophobic. It's like a white trash gift from god that the f***in' Cowboys have a quarterback whose last name rhymes with 'homo.' ... And he's dating a fat chick.

Video and more after the jump.

On the Howard Stern show Tuesday, Lange said that HBO sports president Ross Greenburg told Lange to "go wild" if the other guests, actors Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis, sucked. They did and Lange went wild.

Greenburg said that he did not book Lange "to be crude," but if that's the case that's simply naive and Greenburg and Buck should be ashamed for not doing their homework. Lange was on the Jimmy Kimmel show last week and was plenty crude -- and that was network TV! They had to have known something like that was coming: That's WHY you book Artie! I'll tell you this: Buck's jokes did, in fact, suck; And Artie agreed.

Buck and HBO are lucky that Lange did what he did. Today, everyone is talking about a first episode that was pretty boring, other than Lange. Buck just isn't a good interviewer. He had on two "bad boys" of the NFL -- Michael Irvin and Chad Ochocinco -- and didn't ask any probing questions of them. Irvin freely offered some insight into his sex- and coke-chasing days and Buck still didn't bite. If I were HBO, I'd can Buck and hire Lange as the new host: Then you'd get some entertainment and probing questions!

"This isn't indicative of the kind of product the [HBO] sports department sends out over the airwaves," Greenburg said today.

Who are they kidding? Have they seen the porn that HBO puts on at times? "Oh no, we're the sports department, we're above that." Give me a break.

Though, I do wish Lange would ease up on the homophobic stuff. It's getting constant with him: Everything is gay this and fag that. A straight friend of mine thinks Lange is actually gay and deeply closeted. With all his gay-baiting, I'm becoming convinced that something is amiss with him.