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Sports Tweet of the Week: NBA's lifesaver

My award this week doesn't go to the best tweet but to the athlete himself. More on that in a moment. Here are some other gems:

Texas Rangers pitcher C. J. Wilson needed to vent on a writer-turned-ESPN personality:

why anyone listens or cares about what skip bayless says is beyond me, and every athlete I know. guiness book of world records 4 haterade

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Chad Durbin took a shot at the good citizens of Los Angeles during the recent series at Dodger Stadium (this is actually more than a week old but I had to include it anyway):

I can tell the US is in a recession because the Dodgers fans were throwing nickels at us instead of quarters in the bullpen tonight

Green Bay Packers linebacker Nick Barnett had a crucial question for his followers:

Does anyone watch real housewives???

Here are three from retired tennis player Justin Gimelstob, vacationing in Italy at the time:

Just wandered into an authentic Roman catholic church and a real wedding is taking place. It's magnificent

And to all of those that are curious, No the church didn't burst into flames upon my entrance!

Am I an alcoholic if I drink everynight on vacation? Those rules only pertain to non-vacation parameters right?

There seemed to be a couple of running themes during This Week in Twitter -- commenting on the NBA finals (and to a lesser extent, the NHL Stanley Cup finals) and movies. One who combined both is Donte Greene, a forward for the Sacramento Kings:

Bruno is gonna be so funny. But da funniest movie out is da Hangover. Lets go Magic. Lol

Since I'd never heard of Donte Greene, I did a Google search and found a great story that deserves more publicity. On Memorial Day weekend, Greene was on a boat trip on the American River, when a woman who couldn't swim fell out of her boat as it suddenly accelerated. Greene, who can swim and was a lifeguard in high school, dove into the water and helped the woman onto another boat. Greene told a Sacramento radio station: "I didn’t even think about it, it was just instinct. You see somebody in a position and you know you can help them out. The water, I’m not even gonna lie, was freezing, freezing cold, but I was hot anyway so the water cooled me off, so that was good…It was just something that happened."